Robyn Hartley - Indigenous Executive Search Lead

Robyn Hartley

Indigenous Executive Search Lead

Robyn has nearly three decades of search experience, including leadership-level roles in search and recruitment, recruitment process redesign/modernization, sales management, account management and consultative client relations. As a seasoned search specialist, senior project manager, and former Branch Manager, she brings a wealth of intuitive strategy and resourcefulness to Executive Search. Robyn's significant search experience over the past few decades encompasses Social/Health Services, Not-for-Profit, and Pharmaceutical sectors, including associations and regulatory bodies, as well as Energy/Natural Resources, Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Engineering, for the public, private and publicly traded companies.

Robyn’s success in the Executive Search has required a demonstrated understanding that acquiring the ideal leader for each distinct corporate culture is more than just matching experience and skills… it’s about fit. Additionally, she focuses on securing talented leaders whose values and goals align intelligently with the company's strategic plans. Robyn believes hitting these key markers is imperative to an organization’s success in today’s exceedingly competitive talent markets and increasingly judicious selection committees.