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We are an Indigenous-led, Indigenous solutions-oriented management team with extensive experience in executive management, education, research, policy, community development, and multi-stakeholder consultation processes. We work collaboratively with you to advance growth, innovation, and excellence. We have been sole-sourced for projects demonstrating our value, leadership, integrity, and results. We have worked with corporate, government, not-for-profit, Indigenous, and institutional sectors across Manitoba and Canada.

With our well-established professional networks, we bring significant value to our clients manifesting reconciliation, innovation, and results one project at a time. 


Walking beside you is what we do. Respecting and empowering your leadership and teams.


Thoughtful and thorough with a skill for creating new and innovative solutions


Meeting timelines and outcomes through collaborative planning.

Truth & ReconciliACTION

ReconciliACTION Now!

Our company is a demonstration of an empowered team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians working together toward reconciliation. We create tailor-made workshops with and/or for your team. We have a breadth and depth of knowledge in this field and would love to help you understand reconciliation from an individual, professional, organizational, or corporate lens. We provide a wide range of support including organizational assessments, planning processes, policy development, and strategic planning. We are here to empower you and share in the responsibility of creating a Canada that was envisioned at the signing of the Canadian Indian Treaties. 

Rebecca Chartrand is a master KAIROS blanket activity facilitator. She has workshopped this simulation activity for the Assembly of First Nations adding role-playing, a slide deck, and localized history and experience to enhance the activity's outcomes.  She has offered train-the-trainer sessions, building up teams of staff and educators to deliver this workshop. 

Sometimes the Truth is hard to hear but it is necessary in the path to Reconciliation

"Let’s not forget that Indigenous peoples have long strived to have a seat at the table, to participate as meaningful partners in Canada's economy, and benefit from rights negotiated at the signing of the Canadian Indian Treaties. Through decades of hard-fought legal battles, modern treaty renegotiations, and broader consultation frameworks we have arrived at a point in time where Indigenous peoples in Canada can finally benefit from opportunities that were previously enjoyed only by non-Indigenous peoples".  Ken Coates, Canadian Historian. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Antiracism

Diversity is our reality, inclusion is a choice, and equity is where the hard work is.

We are committed to anti-racism and DEI work, which is why we have ample experience in the assessment of diversity in the workplace, development of anti-racism and Indigenous education policy, and have supported human resources in their efforts to enhance diversity.  Rebecca Chartrand was the lead in developing Seven Oaks School Division Antiracism Policy and continues to support DEI and decolonization, Indigenization, and antiracism work with various bodies. Book us to provide your next, workplace assessment, staff training, or policy development. If you want to define and/or enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, we provide a wide range of supports including:

  • Organizational assessments
  • Planning processes
  • Policy development
  • Strategic planning
  • Antiracism education
  • Cultural competency workshops
  • Roundtables, and discussion forums

Marketing & Communications

As an Indigenous-led organization, we know the value of telling a good story in order to develop and maintain good relations. 

We believe that personal values and great branding go hand-in-hand.  We do not take a cookie-cutter approach, we value our relationship with you and therefore will take the time to get to know you as we uncover and illuminate your brand. 

We are here to help you reach your goals as a small business or major corporation through impactful design, brand strategy and messaging, print, web, and digital marketing services. We develop long-lasting relationships with our clients by building innovative solutions each step of the way. Reach out to us if you'd like help with:

  • Graphic design
  • Media Relations
  • Communication strategies, plans, and  implementation
  • Event planning
  • Reporting writing
  • Conference, workshops, and engagement planning

Learning and Leading

Over the past 25 years, our team members have been building innovative programs, courses, and workshops that have garnered national attention.   As an example, under the leadership of our CEO, seven new programs were built at Red River College in 2020-2021, including an Indigenous Culinary Skills Program, an Indigenous Social Enterprise Program, and the first-cannabis course in Manitoba.  We are here to support:

  • The design of new training and employment plans
  • Tailor design new workshops and professional development opportunities for your staff or clients
  • Facilitate and/or support learning as a guide-at-the-side, mentor or coach 
  • Conduct program reviews 

Each member of our team has extensive experience leading dynamic teams in fast-paced, high-stakes environments. From leading high schools, post-secondary departments, and the TRC Commission, to ministerial offices, we know what it takes to build, and sustain good programs, build and enhance team cultures, and achieve the intended outcomes of collective goals.

Education & Program Development

We understand the Canadian education landscape from K-12, and post-secondary, and have been recognized for making significant contributions to this space. We are award-winning educators and innovators, who maintain a learner-centered focus. 

We have made huge contributions to various school divisions including the development of curriculum, resources, assessments and evaluations including the development of Indigenous education and antiracism policy.  

Research & Policy

As experienced educators we know the importance of good data to inform decision, inspire new projects and to respond to challenges, issues and aspirations. We have supported development of Indigenous and anti-racism policy using broad engagement processes that ensure stakeholders are consulted, feel valued and have opportunity for input. We'd love to partner or support your next research, assessment, evaluation or policy development processes.

Government Relations & Strategic Communications

We are committed to contributing to an empowered Indigenous Canada. We believe that this work is critical in our relationships with our clients and their ability to complete their objectives and provide sustainable development for communities. Let us help you maneuver Indigenous and government relations. We know the issues, challenges, and aspirations of the Indigenous community. We bring a deep understanding of the Indigenous leadership landscape and the processes and protocols needed to build and maintain good relations to achieve your desired results. We can help you to navigate the complexities of government.

Indigenous peoples are diverse across the country including their engagement processes and protocols. It's important that you work with a team that has well-established relationships within this space and the insight to help you navigate and engage successfully. Our work in this area is growing rapidly, and our clients include industry, government, and indigenous communities. Our relationship-based approach ensures that we have a deep understanding of the context in which our clients' projects operate, ensuring that have community support.

Community Consultation & Engagement

Our team has managed national engagement processes including those associated with the Truth and Reconciliation community engagement sessions.  We have organized national engagement processes, provincial and national conferences, summits and events.  We know the importance of relational accountability and have been sole-sourced for a number of engagement processes that we'd love to share with you.  

Strategic Governance & Planning

We take a strength based approach to  map out the starting points for corproate and government planning and partnerships. Our goal is to empower, advance, or enhance what you and/or your team are already doing well.

Project & Event Management

As an effective project management team we are able to manage unplanned issues to keep the ball rolling. We use online cross collaborative tools to ensure we keep the project teams up to date in real time about task completion. We utilize processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve your objectives. Let us provide the support your community or organization deserves and needs for its most important projects. We specialize in livestream, hybrid and broadcast virtual events delivering workshops, conferences, consultations and training.

Leadership Development

Our team represents a core of leaders who through the years have helped to shape schools, colleges, not-for-profits, and government departments. We leverage our experience as collaborative and compassionate leaders to help your team enhance their skills. We offer team workshops, 1 on 1 meetings with emplyees and senior leadership, strategic planning, and diagnositcs.

Indigenous Women's Leadership

We support Indigenous female entrepreneurship through collaborative projects.  If you have a plan or an idea and want to partner with the leaders at Indigenous Strategy Alliance reach out.  We are committed to initiatives that empower and that are mutually beneficial. 

Prior to European contact Indigenous women were empowered leaders and major bridge-builders that established a culture of caring, inclusion, and equity within frameworks of community wellbeing.  This is how Canada was able to emerge. Despite major setbacks, we continue to rise, maintaining our responsibility to family, community, and the next seven generations.

You will often see us organizing community gatherings small and large, grounded in relational pedagogy and reciprocation as we empower each other. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events or reach out to partner with us.  Attend one of our Indigenous women's events or gatherings or let us help you determine how to establish your own circles of support.

When Indigenous women lead we all win. Restoring Indigenous female leadership across this country in all sectors is at the heart of Reconciliation in Canada.

We all hold the power to empower others.

Indigenous Executive Search

We’re here to help fill the missing pieces in locations across Canada.

Indigenous Strategy Alliance is tapped into a broad national network of professionals and aims to advance Indigenous peoples to the next level of their careers. Our team specializes in recruiting for Indigenous-focused roles including positions for management and executive positions which may include positions within education, health, government, private and non-profit organizations.

We support Indigenous organizations and communities in the recruitment of new leaders in such areas as Administration, Housing, Lands & Resources (Rights & Title), Child & Family Services, Health and Wellness, Education, Employment & Training, Human Resources, Operations, finance and & IT including:

  • Manager
  • Director
  • Vice President
  • President & CEO
  • COO, CFO, SAO, etc

We also specialize in recruiting for Indigenous-focused roles for private and public organizations in such positions as:

  • Chair
  • Education Leaders
  • Health and Social Services Leaders
  • Indigenous Community Engagement Leads

Don't have a job description?
Not a problem! We support as much or as little as you choose, from needs analysis, job description/criteria development, and promotion material to recruitment planning/execution, selection, and onboarding.

We have an incredible team and would love to help you connect with our network of talented, experienced leaders.