Tanisha Chartrand - Event Coordinator

Tanisha Chartrand

Event Coordinator

Tanisha, a Cree and Ojibway mother, educator, and published author from Misipawistik Cree Nation, is a rising leader in her workspaces and community. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts and Education from the University of Winnipeg, she currently teaches at an Independent High School in Winnipeg’s inner city, working with resilient youth. Her work extends beyond teaching; she is a respected voice in discussions on Indigenous issues, advocating for reconciliation and community empowerment through her published writings.

In her role, Tanisha has been a driving force for transformative educational practices, implementing innovative concepts such as 'two-eyed seeing' and the 'circle of courage model' for Indigenous students. Her diverse experience spans across the Seven Oaks School Division, the City of Winnipeg summer programs, and various support roles, always focusing on supporting and nurturing young minds, especially among Indigenous children and youth.

Deeply aware of the challenges faced by Indigenous communities, Tanisha actively engages in addressing issues such as poverty, addiction, and mental health. She has completed Suicide Intervention and Narcan training, demonstrating her commitment to being a part of the solution. Her dedication to placing children at the center of her world, particularly her daughter, underscores her belief in the transformative power of education and community support. Tanisha’s leadership and advocacy continue to inspire and effect change, marking her as a significant voice in the journey toward reconciliation.