Kaylah Chartrand - Event Coordinator

Kaylah Chartrand

Event Coordinator

Kaylah Chartrand, an Oji-Cree educator and rising matriarch residing and working in Treaty One Territory. With nine years in education, currently serving in the Seven Oaks School Division, Kaylah began her journey as an educational assistant, where she discovered her deep passion for Indigenous education and teaching.

As a mother deeply committed to fostering strong families, Kaylah extends her nurturing beyond her own child to three adopted children, ensuring a loving and supportive home environment for each of them. Her role as a mother intertwines seamlessly with her professional life, embodying the principles of care and community she imparts through her work.

Kaylah is not only a dedicated educator but also an experienced facilitator of the KAIROS Blanket Activity, through which she has conducted numerous training sessions on Reconciliation. Her engagements in these sessions demonstrate her profound understanding and commitment to educating others about the history and ongoing impact of colonization on Indigenous communities. In her leisure, Kaylah enjoys crafting ribbon skirts with her daughter, walking her dogs, and embracing the outdoors with her family, reflecting her deep connection to cultural practices and nature.