Michelle Boivin - Associate

Michelle Boivin


I am pleased to share some exciting news about our ongoing collaboration with Michelle Boivin. While Michelle remains passionately committed to her own brand, which she has built with dedication and excellence over the years, she will continue to work in association with our Indigenous Strategy team at Indigenous Strategy Alliance.

Michelle's unique blend of passion, creativity, and dedication has not only enriched our team but has also been a source of inspiration and enlightenment. Her ability to weave her individual brand's strengths with our collective goals is a testament to her professionalism and her deep understanding of the work we do.

As Michelle maintains her individual brand identity, we are thrilled to still have her insightful perspectives, innovative ideas, and unwavering commitment to truth-telling as part of our collaborative efforts. We believe that this synergy of individual excellence and collective endeavor will lead to more impactful and meaningful outcomes.

For any collaboration or communication with Michelle, she can be reached at mboivin1@gmail.com. We are enthusiastic about this evolving partnership and are confident that our combined efforts will continue to foster positive change.