Babajide Oni


Babajide Oni is an associate with the Indigenous Strategy Alliance. Feel free to call me “Baba” for short. Originally, Baba is an Indigenous Yoruba Descent from Nigeria in West Africa. Babajide has over ten years of professional experience in environmental management planning, impact assessment, social enterprise development, capacity building, risk and uncertainty management, policy analysis, participatory action-based research, stakeholder management, and development service delivery relations. Applying his skills and experience, Babajide has co-developed proposals and co-managed projects with Indigenous communities and partners, targeting sustainable Indigenous development. specializing in impact assessment as well as designing and implementing capacity-building strategies for sustainable global development in accordance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Currently, Babajide is co-managing project portfolios worth more than 20 million dollars with First Nation communities in Canada.
Babajide is also the founder of Diversity for Development (D4D), a social enterprise focused on community development through the lens of diversity. Babajide holds a Master of Natural Resources Management (M.N.R.M.) degree from the University of Manitoba in Canada, as well as a United Nations Development Program professional certificate in Ecosystem Restoration and Spatial Analysis (UNDP).