Dawn Rodgers -

Dawn Rodgers

Dawn Rodgers is a founder and former Co-Executive Director of the Momentum Centre in
Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her visionary leadership and commitment to the programs vision have
been central to the program’s success.

An adept writer, researcher, and data analyst, Dawn has consistently applied her extensive
expertise to the strategic and operational frameworks of the programs she leads. Under her
guidance, the Momentum Centre achieved remarkable outcomes. Their Momentum Now
program for youth 18-30 on income assistance was part of a national research project
where they were able to achieve 8-10 times the results of their control groups by program
end, and double the results of their control groups still a year and half later, despite working
with the most barriered participants in the study. When the province conducted their own
study, they found that there was a 70% EIA closure rate a year later, despite most
participants coming from multi-generational EIA dependance. This success is a testament
to the effective, wrap-around support services the Centre provides, including good
governance, counseling, skills training, which collectively help individuals sustain the
program and supports for stakeholders.

The program’s effectiveness under Dawn’s leadership not only transformed the lives of
many participants but also garnered substantial provincial recognition and support. The
Momentum Centre received $900,000 in funding from the province of Manitoba, affirming its
impact and the value of its continued operations.

Now working with the Indigenous Strategy Alliance, Dawn continues to bring her skills and
dedication to broader community-focused initiatives, leveraging her experience to support
and empower Indigenous communities. Her foundational work at the Momentum Centre
remains a highlight of her career, reflecting her deep commitment to social change and