Ben Carr - Vice-President, Stakeholder & Government Relations

Ben Carr

Vice-President, Stakeholder & Government Relations

Ben Carr, although began as the Vice President of Indigenous Strategy Alliance, he has made a significant career transition, having been elected to the Canadian House of Commons on June 19, 2023, as the representative for Winnipeg South Centre. This milestone marks a pivotal shift from his initial role in championing Indigenous strategies to a broader platform in Canadian politics, where he continues to advocate for an empowered Indigenous Canada.

At Indigenous Strategy Alliance, Ben's leadership and insights were instrumental in shaping key initiatives. He brought a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to Indigenous issues, laying a foundation for his subsequent political endeavors. His election to Parliament is a testament to his dedication to public service and his ability to navigate and influence policy at the highest levels.

In his political career, Ben has demonstrated exceptional skills and knowledge, having previously served in high-stakes campaign roles and in various capacities including with the President of the Treasury Board and as Director of Parliamentary Affairs to then Canadian Heritage Minister, Melanie Joly. His efforts at Canadian Heritage were crucial in advancing Indigenous Languages legislation and the establishment of September 30th as a national holiday. As an educator, having served as Principal of the Maples Met School and with impressive academic achievements, Ben brings a holistic perspective to policy-making.